CD-ovi ili CD-i?


CD-ovi ili CD-i?

The article discusses the correct way to write the plural form of the acronym CD, which stands for compact disc.

The author notes that abbreviations from foreign languages are not uncommon in modern language usage, and raises the question of how such terms behave in different grammatical cases.

In the case of CD, which has its origins in English, the Croatian language treats the acronym as a masculine singular noun, with the plural form being “CD-ovi.” This is because each component of the abbreviation is pronounced separately in Croatian, with each syllable having its own accent. The correct plural forms of CD are therefore CD-ovi, CD-ova, CD-ovima, and CD-ove.

The article provides several examples of how to use CD-ovi in sentences, such as “Some CD-ovi were lying on the floor of David’s room” and “The pile of CD-ovi and books was scattered everywhere in the living room.”

In conclusion, the proper way to write the plural form of the English acronym CD in the Croatian language is CD-ovi, CD-ova, CD-ovima, and CD-ove.