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Rijeka - Zagreb Motorway

    Within the framework of restructuring road network in the Republic of Croatia, on 11 December 1997 the Croatian Government made the Decision on Establishing the public limited company Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway, a company for construction and operation of the motorway, with the registered seat in Zagreb.

    Rijeka - Zagreb Motorway started its business operations on 15 March 1998, taking over the functions of designing, preparation and managing the remaining motorway construction. Toll collection revenues are included in the Company's income as of 1 April 1998, until when toll collection and motorway maintenance services had been performed by the Croatian Road Authority.

    The economic purpose of the Company is closing financial structure, construction, operation and maintenance of the Rijeka to Zagreb motorway, as well as management of the secondary developments on the road land as a part of exercising its concession rights granted to the Company pursuant to the Government Decision, by which the Company is authorized to perform all activities suitable and useful for these purposes.

    The company was granted a 28 year concession. The Company's income is tolls, and the tariffs are set by the Company under the procedure defined in the Concession Agreement. Beside the tolls, the Company has the income resulting from the use of secondary developments along the motorway alignment.

    The Company covers the motorway maintenance costs and services its debt from its own income. As a compensation for concession the Republic of Croatia is entitled to full profit of the Company, reduced for the company reserve funds.

    The share capital of the Company at its foundation was 2,152,000,000.00 kuna, divided to 21,520 registered shares. The Company is 100% owned by the Republic of Croatia. If it is necessary that third persons acquire shares of the Company in order to secure financing, the decision on this is taken by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

    With its decision rendered on 2 August 2007 the Government of the Republic of Croatia extended the concession area and prolonged the concession period of the Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway concession. The IV Agreement on Amendments and Supplements to the Concession Agreement was signed on 23 August 2007.

    Beside the motorway between the Orehovica interchange and the Lučko interchange, the extended concession area includes: access roads from Lišnica to the Novigrad interchange and from Netretić to the Novigrad interchange, motorway section from the Orehovica interchange to the border crossing Rupa and from the Orehovica interchange to the Križišće interchange including the access road from the Draga interchange to the City of Rijeka and the access road from the Križišće interchange to the Krk Bridge and the Krk Bridge itself.


Rijeka - Zagreb Motorway consists of the following bodies:





        Exercising its shareholder rights the Republic of Croatia acts in the Company General Assembly through the Government of the Republic of Croatia, represented by the minister of the competent ministry.

        With the Decision of the Government it is decided that the founder's rights and the function of the representative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia is taken over by the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure. Thus, the Company Assembly consists of only one member, Mr. Oleg Butković.


    Mandate of the President of the Supervisory Board Ms. Renata Blažević and a Member of the Supervisory Board Mr. Krunoslav Šams has expired on the 1st of March 2016.

    Mr. Boško Jolić is a Member of the Supervisory Board - workers' representative according to labor law and his madate is still active.


    The Company is headed by the Managing Board:

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A1: Zagreb/Lučko - jctn. Karlovac
  • Medium traffic intensity
A1: jctn. Karlovac - jctn. Bosiljevo 2
  • Weak traffic intensity
A6: jctn. Bosiljevo 2 - jctn. Kikovica
  • Weak traffic intensity
A6: jctn. Kikovica - Rijeka/jctn. Orehovica
  • Weak traffic intensity
A7: jctn. Orehovica - jctn. Diračje
  • Medium traffic intensity
A7: GP Rupa - jctn. Diračje
  • Weak traffic intensity
D102: Krk Bridge
  • Weak traffic intensity
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